The History of First American Hospitality Group USA

Since 2003, FAHG USA has been serving the construction & management needs of clients of all varieties. From custom design services to the finished products including turn key properties, we at Hotel FAHG Inc USA ensure that you will receive quality services by committed individuals in the Hospitality industry. Our company believes that trust and mutual respect is essential for getting the job done right. We will complete the work properly and exhibit excellent customer service every step of the way.

First American Hospitality Group USA completes projects in a wide array of areas. Some of our mega projects have included the following: current hotel franchise millworks, custom hotels rooms, hotel Lobbies, restaurants, golf courses, medical plazas, boutique hotels, strip malls , entertainment centers, retail stores, and 5 star hotels. From small projects to complete new development projects, FAHG Inc USA can handle it all.

Founded by Shahrukh Khan, we are based on integrity, 40 years of hard work, and an ethical foundation in the industry. Customers are treated with the utmost respect and given the attention they deserve from start to finish. Timely construction, affordable prices, and excellent management skills are just a few of the many beneficial features which FAHG Inc USA offers to its clients.

Mission and Goals
Here at First American Hospitality Group Inc USA, our number one goal is customer satisfaction. Our company stands for quality, integrity, and dependability. We stand by our work and are proud of the reputation we’ve worked hard at establishing. We at FAHG INC USA are dedicated to putting our customers first while providing quality service and looks that last a lifetime.

First American Hospitality Group Inc